Inovio is revolutionizing the fight against cancers and infectious diseases. We are advancing a broad portfolio of DNA vaccines, also known as immunotherapies, to prevent or treat cancers, HIV, hepatitis, and other chronic infectious diseases. Our immunotherapies could potentially protect millions of people from sickness or death from diseases for which there are currently no adequate treatments.

Investment highlights

  • Phase II cervical dysplasia study induced regression of precancerous cervical disease and cleared HPV infection with robust T cell responses
  • Robust killer T cell immune responses reported in 3 of 4 patients with head and neck cancer associated with HPV
  • A major pharma partnership with MedImmune adds to validation of novel DNA immunotherapy technology's potential ability to prevent/treat cancers and infectious diseases
  • Working toward additional partnerships and collaborations
  • Almost $135M in non-dilutive third party R&D grants and expenditures since 2009
  • Operating capital through 4Q 2018
  • Synthetic DNA immunotherapies with proprietary delivery technology targeting diseases with multi-billion-dollar markets; designed to not just prevent but TREAT cancers and infectious diseases
  • Best-in-class T-cell immune responses displaying killing effect against target cells
  • Potential to break tolerance of immune system to cancerous cells
  • Universal antibody immune responses to protect against constantly changing viruses such as influenza
  • Favorable safety profile with no serious adverse events in hundreds of subjects to date
  • Global vaccine market expected to reach $84.44 billion by 2022, up from $32.05 billion in 2013
  • Global market for cancer therapies estimated to reach $225 billion by 2017 
  • An estimated 70 monoclonal antibody products will be on the market by 2020 with combined global sales reaching $125 billion
  • Dominant global patent position
  • Management team and advisors are leaders in immunotherapies
  • Recognized with Vaccine Industry Excellence Awards for Best Therapeutic Vaccine (for HPV-associated diseases) and Best Early Stage Biotech Company at World Vaccine Congress.

While considered one of the most important medical developments, conventional vaccine technology has its boundaries of applicability. Our scientists are leveraging genomic engineering capabilities to design DNA-based immunotherapies that meet goals including:

  • Not just prevent, but treat diseases such as cancers and chronic infectious diseases such as HIV, hepatitis, and human papillomavirus-associated diseases;
  • More broadly protect against continually evolving strains of pathogens, a need exemplified by the challenge of protecting against new strains of influenza.

We believe our proprietary electroporation-based DNA delivery technology gives us a competitive edge. Electroporation delivers controlled, millisecond electrical pulses that cause the cell membrane to become temporarily permeable and enable increased uptake by 1,000 times or more of a biological material – such as a SynCon® DNA immunotherapy - previously injected into local tissue.

The combination of our SynCon® immunotherapies delivered using electroporation has, in human studies, displayed a unique set of accomplishments that are unprecedented in the vaccine & immunotherapy world: efficacy data that provides evidence that a DNA-based immunotherapy technology can activate the immune system to fight chronic infections, pre-cancers — and ultimately, cancers; best-in-class T cell immune responses; initial evidence of immune responses against multiple unmatched virus strains from a single vaccine; the ability to facilitate multiple booster vaccinations without inducing unwanted immune responses against the vaccine; and a favorable safety profile without serious adverse events.

Regulatory approval of Inovio’s technology for use in humans would be a revolutionary step in the fight against cancers and infectious diseases.

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